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Rapeseed oil.

Loose the vine from mortal
to lose the time spent for the spoils
My heart will burst, my
head will boil
Don’t get the call mixed up with
To ourselves we are not loyal,
Stop acting like you’re bloody royal
Do you watch your spit sink
in the soil?
Every food you drink is oil
Ou r ape seeds sown will
make well-oiled
when grown.

You will.

You will bend
Around such rocks
As activity & work
Or any chosen pursuit
– but will you bend
Like a stick or like water?

You will flow
Into and find the next pursuit
And inevitably keep busy
– but will you flow
Like tar or like water?

You will catch
In the winds of uncertainty
And buffet
In the breeze of unpredictability
– but will you be caught
Like a plastic bag
Or will you catch and mould and soar
Like the wing of the bird?

You will break
With the weights of
Events & time
– but will you break like the branch
Under too heavy a load
Or like the seed coming free
From the frond
And falling towards
The fertile