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Perambulating paranoia.

Oh, a man is walking down the street toward me,
walking in the opposite direction to the way I am,
his arm on his young girlfriend.
As he looks up to their path
his eyes catch mine,
a blank look, falls into my face
– in a split-second he’s blind.

Just because it looks at the moment
like I’m more of a mess than you, Mate,
it doesn’t mean that I’m more of a mess.
I can tell you this because I’m more of a mess.

Ode to a passing rose.

Oh sweet red rose, you passed me by

When past thee quick our car did fly

On down through verdant hills and lanes,

The enmeshed course of England’s brains.


You passed and though I thanked thee not

That moment smiled on memory’s lot,

And even as you cease to be

Your ripple still curls out through me.