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A reflection on resonance and recent rampages.

Sunday afternoon
Open the gates
Call in the refrigeration
breakdown service
Swing from hanging lights
Pull the table back
into place with your
frustrated foot and then sit back and let
it resume its de-frust
on top
Let long john stroke your girlfriend
through the knee hole in your jeans
and listen to Tame Impala’s first album (of course
after john, lou, and andy’s banana one).
Maybe later and just once we can listen to side B of
Thee Oh Sees’ latest effort (“Mutilator..”) on 33 & 1/3
instead of the recommended 45 rpm
because that sounds nuts
and pulls at your guts.
Eat some from around an
avocado’s dream hole
and reflect on the realisation
of your own
Is this all the result of
listening to countless records
and watching their plastic turn
and turn to gold through
little glass Buddhas you
got for a few quid off
a rude (because I was)
shop girl?
On Sundays I try to
look at the fuck being
my shut up and listen
to utterly everything. And take your
news & talk away as I’ve already
cried today over recent Isis
attacks so I don’t want to know now or
talk about it any longer,
those men were too
awful and beautiful in
such terrible and horrible combinations
and they’ve too truly
taught us about true
evil that I just want to
relax now (and with a little care not even refer to any
distinct aspect of the whole damned thing as “evil”)
– so take it away.
(Quiet, then the wind
ruffles at the blinds)-
Ah – better flip to the
other side now but
that blood ran
whether it ran through
your mind or not.
I only mean to make sense
of it or not.
I (can?) only mean to help or not.
God bless the Bataclan & its ticket buyers (I’ve seen that band and
they’re fun) and
balcony dangling believers
for hanging there high above the cold, windy concrete of a street & hanging in there.
The same wind encircling you
just encircled me on my
bourgeois balcony as I
enjoyed a butt and it
is cold.