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Ylang ylang shortbrim.

Tentacles from the deep blue briny

Wrenched right up on steel winch

and a name is anointed unto the beast,

Another one that won’t hurt me at least

or…. Was it helping?

At last it’s thrown back in, in timid yet vast and yawning fear

Of damaging a delicate imaginative ecosystem

and the great black void gurgles and burps its approved yet knife-edge anticipatory contentedness.

And it said (amongst loud music)….

Worry sideways,

Go ‘head and let it pass on right through,

the Pristine Coalescence

is the only thing that I want to do,

Had enough looming consequence

is it cool if I don’t hurry at all?

Need new people to address, I’m a mess

And now I just want to fall,

Seems like months since I’ve seen happiness

But I’ve been happy with that?!

I miss the sweet sparking energy

runs out under my hand on the fur of a cat

And round the brim of my bonce

Around the rim of my hat.

And the curl ripples out farther and further, gently licking at the far and hazily gilded opposing bank, ghost-like but true and quiet and scattered all-over with dew spattered white lotus flowers.