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Ragged downladder.

Seek to dissipate boyhood
whilst maintaining desire:

Overt panderings &

Inverted wonderings &

Bells yonder ring

Knells echoing in caves
& Under things

People don’t say what they mean when
they’re pondering.

The wearing-vest chest that is

blessed as caressed,

Cut up & bloodied

to buy time to be studied.

The powder of crystal

So fine in a mist wall

(A shrouding shawl wrapped

And wrenched ’round my face)


Ricocheted ’round the place

Is like light out in space

Braving chasms of quarks

& light years of dark

The danger of sparks

It’s a lark so

I don’t know why you drink

Your light spirits of stink

Don’t expect things to link

Or you’ll be in the clink

Or trip over your brink

Hmm.. What should it be about Honey eh?

A mounted yet talking trout is funnier.

Is great weightless? or grace? .. or space? . ..

Time is one of my only wines
Or: 2 whine is the sum of thy lonely wines?


No. 1 for Thax Douglas (pre-guitargig orator extraordinaire).

On Monday the brian jonestown massacre blistered us with 3 hours of sound and at the end everyone stood still about to shout like mantric louts “1 more tune” !!!
Their sole support was a sound scribbla same as me self, but he speaks.
Fer ‘im;

The man who sees
Stands up and frees
The word from ears
That we should hear
Guitars carve in
But not before
The baton so beat and blue
Is given them by him

If you want more conthaxt check out a documentary from 2007 called “THAX”…

Natural procession.

How many men & beasts & beings

Are intertwined with everything?

For when we die and leave our dust

It blows away, or we think it must,

But where it blows no-one says,

When does it stop? After several days?

Never – haha! It turns and spins,

Dynasties imprinted in the wind,

Kings in leaves dropped underfoot,

Tsars, emperors, earthworm’s guts,

Artists, scientists, all manner of folk

Reminisce in the unborn yolk,

Cleopatra, queen of snakes

Crawls in the beds of fiery lakes,

So brace those warriors in thy bones

Iconoclast! Time will never take you home,

Cut loose the murmur, slay the groan

And stride atop the golden thrones