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To the dream girl.

(A waking up – morning! ☀️)

I forget your name
Your body was perfect
with brownish hair
We swam with sharks together
Your petite face excited

In the back of the plane
there you told me you’re a liar
and seemed to be able to
make love to me in front of my
No fear or extortion, just love &

&so We reconciled our future
lies to eachother.
And kissed and kissed
On the way plummeting
toward the green & gold
ocean surface
– there could be a
great white right where we

Pietry and happenstance.

Grind my bones
Until they’re dust
You can’t between me
and my must
Burn and churn ‘R’ sehole
with lust and lie
(‘Soul’ not ‘sea hole’)
((C’s don’t have any holes any
look at M!
That’s Ohs! (Os!)))
also not e’s

I still get high from climbing trees &
I did not finish my degree,
Sheer irony of poetry,
Coming home with grazed up knees,
This does not mean
that I’m not me,
It is what it intends to be
^(Unwrap threads three that mean to me)

Atheism and theism are weeisms
Ricky Gervais – he is him (?
or David Brent?)                          ..David Brent

U Fat headed fat so
Your calypso collapse though
As long as your ellipse don’t
So as mine
Don’t imp lore me to
tell you its like over
Internet age
Into net rage
Oh thanks! Today we got
our wage slits? .. That’s mind?
i(t’)s good in films
Your rage made me slip,
I’m more at home in
S.C.U.M.my place
^(./not)          Than middle class in outer space
White is black and facts don’t
You wear that face I win the
Even though your mind’s
You trip it up -still think
I’m chased
Try thinking more if just for your own pace


Friend to a T with gold tooth
Eritrean origin place
SAMO © yo jnt’s 2 laced
Define the wind of curves of grace
Slash my face -spray Puss on
face and in boots
In boots get yo (then) make
(‘N’ a sandwich?)
What a hinge
With a twinge and a singing sting
Make up in wound
string wound
down (&round?) in wound
Can feel the ring of
that luncheon thing
Have a car* (*Patwah:/Kyar../) though
Now in you’re tuned now
Why not 100 luft balloon
Born with greasy silver spoon
But my gosh don’t wash

Biology is therefore Bile-ology and (ringing bright Symbiotic) Symbiology.       ?
Big up †

The second prince of hell’s bones.

Well I’M GWLAD that I learned to count
and I’m gwlad that I’ve climbed the mount
of being GWLAD to sit back &
sort amounts
of things we had but don’t

Whence your scaly surface came
I could really not account,
The morbid factories of missionaries of the
bloody fount?
Excuse me it’s that Pleidiol came dreamwise (& all fat & round) to my
corner, glimmering in the light like gold but not being.

Hippo grit?.

Hypocrisy is a very bold
thing to accuse someone with.
Do you know the inner workings
of their mind? Have you
personally traced the path
up til now that their very
life has taken (which is their mind)?
Were you there when the
pendulousnesses were
Which bits were hard and
which soft to get through?
Which were steep valleys
and which shallow verges?
Where is the hole from
which shadow emerges?
Whence came the light
that rolls golden lurches?
Running through woods
of oak or silver birches?

Ylang ylang shortbrim.

Tentacles from the deep blue briny

Wrenched right up on steel winch

and a name is anointed unto the beast,

Another one that won’t hurt me at least

or…. Was it helping?

At last it’s thrown back in, in timid yet vast and yawning fear

Of damaging a delicate imaginative ecosystem

and the great black void gurgles and burps its approved yet knife-edge anticipatory contentedness.

And it said (amongst loud music)….

Worry sideways,

Go ‘head and let it pass on right through,

the Pristine Coalescence

is the only thing that I want to do,

Had enough looming consequence

is it cool if I don’t hurry at all?

Need new people to address, I’m a mess

And now I just want to fall,

Seems like months since I’ve seen happiness

But I’ve been happy with that?!

I miss the sweet sparking energy

runs out under my hand on the fur of a cat

And round the brim of my bonce

Around the rim of my hat.

And the curl ripples out farther and further, gently licking at the far and hazily gilded opposing bank, ghost-like but true and quiet and scattered all-over with dew spattered white lotus flowers.