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Pond’s reflecting quality.

An upside-down plane
Just flew through
the sky
-I’m wondering, why?
I’m wondering , why ?
How can it fly?
Upside down through the sky

The crumble fronds dry
And I wonder more, why?
As I puff through more lyes/lies
The pond bounced up
the sky,
Life’s a bitch, then/when you’re high,
Hang on, the pond bounced the sky high?
From this I surmise
(And from the angle of eyes
And the fact that the sky is no-where tied,
And Reflects the same back to eyes
When bat’d back up-side).

I now know this is why
The plane can upside-down fly
And still fly well
to return back to Earth,
The fold-up-over Earth
People step off the plane
And they do so so well
And step off this plain
And step off my brain
And fall down the drain
That is their own brain.
I hope they don’t strain.