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Unre(a)d/unfed (drink that gravy you skinny b****!?).

The blue – jacketed Bhagavad Gita

& the red Rimbaud’s “A Season in


Hot & Cold taps



Sitting bedside with wavied pages

Soaked in spilt drinks & gravies in


(The gravy made grimoires even still more sagacious!)

Splitting the atoms in brain cells

for ages

They perfectly well mean nothing

to me, sitting and soaking in sunlight

& free

Arthur, heading south,

comes out the mouth

of people of letters & poems & grunge

to persist in purusha (पुरुष) to perish so young.

Poor people who’re powders now,

at them don’t lunge.

Also I’ll say

The sea of mouth-corners should really

be curled (That is the World.)

(I) Stumble in, scaring crows from behind theatre curtain

unfurled, to mind under mantras as everything’s


(back to the brightest of pearls

such as these).

Bees should make cheese please, not

Honeys, and proper

stinkie ones .

Pressing lunar see.

I leap/weep instead of
eat or sleep,
Still care for company
I keep,
Don’t be convinced that
it’s not cheap
To generate some long –
term deep


People thought you
stepped on feet
But I was they who thusly cheat
deep inside their cosy
Circles never are drawn


When the people who ferment
& forwent their foibles for
the feel of wisdom
give light to the
world, it is as the
full moon nuzzles out
through clouds with
his alabaster face to
relay beautifully
dimwitted offerings &
Sometimes he says (but
I think he means to be
doing it all the time); Explode yourself