Monthly Archives: June 2017

What’s on the box Eng a match with which to strike ‘n’ burn it down 2drown in sound.

It was a fix, father
we thought in our heads
then got up from telly
And laid down our head in bed

Picking up pieces
From what had been said
And turn sounds & curtains of clockwork cross-ceiling light
Over & around
All in my sweet head

Can cars be stars?

Head lights are shooting

Been awake for years
And as many years, fears;
Refugees and war
Goes through sore
The mind of my kind of kid
– but now see they had hid
& do the ones who through news
so openly kid         ?
Don’t put things in my lid
Just fill up their pot
Ignominy & plot
Ignobility & rot
And rotting corpses
To boot
And loot.
Wearing your suit
Coloured ties such a hoot…

TV Screen        TV vote
TV beam          TV goat
Tv scream        TV Screened
TV Scrote         TV Scream

And listen to how furry your teeth are and go and brush them for god’s sake

“I’m gonna go on the internet for a bit”
No one says that anymore eh?
You abide in the internet