Only correct if it is.

I think folks who would be said to be liberal westerners, minding their
business are too quick to cut off
their shit-giving about other folks
and a portal I’ve seen this come
down is the correction.
If you don’t know someone,
minding your business is not correcting

In my experience a person I knew was blessed with his wife going into
labour and someone in the room commented supportively on it by saying
“Congrats on becoming a daddy”
A third person heard all
this and, because they
were aware of the first person’s already
having children, and because they were
busy in a hurry and all cool western they
looked up and out of occupation only to say “actually he’s already a father”
with the weight of it arranged contradictorily and
slanted away as such.

Oh cheers, Smith Western,
so you’d personally leave the
brand new baby fatherless?
Ah cheers bud, anyway, oh
you’re in a hurry bro, ok you take care
of yourself and yours and really try to have a
good one, bye! *He just fucks off,
silent & kind of smiling – but passing six feet
away I heard a little of
loudness of the grind of the grindy teeth,
have his wisdom wons weathered then?
And so does liberal just mean ignorant?
Maybe it dos.
And can becoming or its blur not be buttered
onto daily bread?
And what, also, is liberal linguistics to
labour? Too much de-
liberation on liberations from labia!



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