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What’s a broken record?

Give me an idol’s death

& woman’s purpose

Let no one fully see my surplus

Except for Him & all his worthless
creatures under stone can’t hurt us

How many more malignant murmurs?

A rose murmurs.

Give me idle death

& women’s murmurs
That cough through lips

That spirit heard her
You Cherub! get away with murder
Open, winged, I’ll never gird you

In this age, if you do stop to read a fortune cookie slip, it is horrendously fortuitous.

A fortune cookie is right
No hocus pokes into properness even
Over time you order takeaway food
Some comes with and some without
fortune cookies
& when it does it could be one
or two or three of them
Magical variables
& on top of that sometimes you don’t
even open the fortune cookie because you’re
so hungry you just want to get
to the goodness of the central main bit of
food so sometimes they go in the bin
Or sometimes when you’re not alone eating they send one and
you let another one
have it
Are you starting to win
at the keep up of chins?
Have you seen the language the little slips
of paper have also – rotating statementself sentiments
that hold the attention like music or a
round slippy cylinder where weight
won’t want to place upon a fine point for too up
for proper long temps because
why would it want to be?
And then sometimes you open the wrapper
of it, eat the tasty orange hinted biscuit
thing, and don’t even read the slip
– Mental… who does that?!
And sometimes you eat the orange weird
shaped biscuit thing and don’t read the
paper slip though you have read it.
Sometimes you’re doing a poem thing about fortune cookies and you don’t really even mention the *Snap* of the things
except for the bits like this
If you do read do you remember it?
Some people probably keep them
I reckon this because at the moment I’m a person and I have kept
One and it says
“Your talents will be recognised and suitably
rewarded” which is brilliant because
even if you were completely shit at
everything & down on your luck you would
still be getting some element of love &
recompense through the sureness of the suitability
of what you deserve for the quality of whatever it was that one was
presently doing – as one is always doing something
presently. And that always has a quality.
But that’s obvious so what is your something?
So for so sumptuous so far summary, the significance
of these accumulations – coupled with the fact that
I’m mostly oblivious and void of shit
giving on it – I only kept one and am
not some hoary horoscope hoarder, I feel that if a
picture presents itself in perception
that’s pulled off these paper slips and
pandered to productively & the whole
time this seam of sumptuousness
may have instead been dead, something
thrown in a bin as we munched
with a grin – does that mean the
brain is just the bin??

P.s. a(nother? I honestly don’t know..) thing that will confound,
what wills which weird cookie to which
person if they send two? That is, if
you do both read them and soak your
identities with their separate significance, what if
you get their one? and they yours?
You’d be living       on the other             side of
space     then.
& all these magic variables absorb
also into eachother in a gigantic 3D mesh
of energetic mash that seriously could’ve grantedly gone
as many different ways with real outcomes as
numerous as Ganges sand grains.
Fortuitousness is fortune cookie shaped.
Weird ‘W’ shape or
something but it’s not even, eh? Weird.
Have a luck & love entered into it?
Weird. Weird.

Only correct if it is.

I think folks who would be said to be liberal westerners, minding their
business are too quick to cut off
their shit-giving about other folks
and a portal I’ve seen this come
down is the correction.
If you don’t know someone,
minding your business is not correcting

In my experience a person I knew was blessed with his wife going into
labour and someone in the room commented supportively on it by saying
“Congrats on becoming a daddy”
A third person heard all
this and, because they
were aware of the first person’s already
having children, and because they were
busy in a hurry and all cool western they
looked up and out of occupation only to say “actually he’s already a father”
with the weight of it arranged contradictorily and
slanted away as such.

Oh cheers, Smith Western,
so you’d personally leave the
brand new baby fatherless?
Ah cheers bud, anyway, oh
you’re in a hurry bro, ok you take care
of yourself and yours and really try to have a
good one, bye! *He just fucks off,
silent & kind of smiling – but passing six feet
away I heard a little of
loudness of the grind of the grindy teeth,
have his wisdom wons weathered then?
And so does liberal just mean ignorant?
Maybe it dos.
And can becoming or its blur not be buttered
onto daily bread?
And what, also, is liberal linguistics to
labour? Too much de-
liberation on liberations from labia!