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No. 1 for Thax Douglas (pre-guitargig orator extraordinaire).

On Monday the brian jonestown massacre blistered us with 3 hours of sound and at the end everyone stood still about to shout like mantric louts “1 more tune” !!!
Their sole support was a sound scribbla same as me self, but he speaks.
Fer ‘im;

The man who sees
Stands up and frees
The word from ears
That we should hear
Guitars carve in
But not before
The baton so beat and blue
Is given them by him

If you want more conthaxt check out a documentary from 2007 called “THAX”…

(A poem) Written in a place I thought I might get battered for sitting and writing poems in.

Blue balconies
Arabic spins &wins
with English,
Let’s smash our heads
together and come up
with the new thing.
There’s always an England
flag flapping & failing to
swim from one
of the windows
and the people smoke
so much as to turn
into one of these buildings

Mottled grey
rectangles mollify
as a million taxis
set off back to the centre
In Odd places washing lines
hang, and it’s not
only track suits & towels
but opportunities
drying as well. Aho –
A big butterfly thing on the wall outside
flat near
the top.
An ambulance
taking someone
from a ground
floor flat in as a
big dark lady with
light hair & dressing gown
looks on
into her raised hands
like a mask
that the people wear
if they aren’t interested
in catching

I’d like to spend
2 or three weeks
living here and see
whether there’s
shouting and crime
and shame & fame.

My expectation remains
but the faces explain
that it is the only
thought between me &
my safety – stillness
still messed in mind
– I’d like to conduct a rape,
so not actually do one
but stand there frantically flicking
a baton back and
forth to give it guidance
&flow & so make-it-not-a-rape (and slow?)
-Oh Shit, I’ve
been pickpocketed!
The bastard’s hand…
That was pretty out of order!
Is that true or
a joke? Is what? Is thou a wheel
or a spoke?

Do I fit in round here?!
Is that Now?! what the people though
I love them so, purport to know
as they come & go &
come &go & go & go
with faces aglow
Fag aglow
& moving slow & fast
& slow & slow
These buildings grow
Don’t i fuckin’ know ey?