The simultaneously long & short hour.

Conscious of 11.01
I think I need a cup of tea
A couple of jazzy soul songs
pull it round to 11.10
We’re underway
I feel the day
Careful what I say
Five minutes is the
universal “I won’t be long”
which makes 11.15 happen
It didn’t seem like such a
blip though – as does the
multicoloured prisming
of light blasting through
this byro and onto this
book which brings 11.16
which is the death of that ‘early hour’
thoughtfeel – you
know this to be true as
11.16 slides to (and
even sounds a bit like)
11.18 which is basically
20 past, the end of
the hour’s morning and the
real time to make plans
is basically between here
and half past.
It just occurred to me
this would be better if
I’d actually taken an hour
to write it, tracking feel
as I go and brutal realism
but that’s not the
way I’m doing it.
So, where are we? 11.34,
it’s taken some perceptual
time to get here but
that’s nothing.
I’m jealous of people I’ve
not even spoken to for ages
because it looks like they’re
more resourceful with
these mashes of minutes on facebook.
The 11 thirties roll on
by on the year wheel
til the forties are achieved
– 45 is basically,
psychically the completion
of the hour in
the experience of the
Pleasing myself has always
been a mad struggle so
let’s show everyone a true
waste of time, the exact
quality of uncaring framework
of hours that I/you really
should be more actively
opportunistic with
– but this is all
just words that take a
little while to say
– Everyone gets surprised
that the day’s individual
hours don’t take up eternity
as soon as they each finish happening.
– You’re always being born
and dying, but wow!
– You’re alive now (I assume
if you’re reading this)
– Ghosts really exist in these
increments of minutes for
the people who’ve dug down
to the roots and swung hard
with the sharp ax of
detachment – speak to them
and let them fulfil you.
A cigarette should always leave one unsatisfied – cheers for
that oscar lad.
To the non-layabout,
they’ve put more effort
into the perception of
past 50 past which
ticks by slow for the
work-hating clock watcher
but is actually not a
long time, as wasn’t (or isn’t) the
hour really.
This is pointless and
was feeling like that
as my intention for it to be so squidged out the
end of my stylo.
So it was meant to be so,
so where does that leave


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