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The simultaneously long & short hour.

Conscious of 11.01
I think I need a cup of tea
A couple of jazzy soul songs
pull it round to 11.10
We’re underway
I feel the day
Careful what I say
Five minutes is the
universal “I won’t be long”
which makes 11.15 happen
It didn’t seem like such a
blip though – as does the
multicoloured prisming
of light blasting through
this byro and onto this
book which brings 11.16
which is the death of that ‘early hour’
thoughtfeel – you
know this to be true as
11.16 slides to (and
even sounds a bit like)
11.18 which is basically
20 past, the end of
the hour’s morning and the
real time to make plans
is basically between here
and half past.
It just occurred to me
this would be better if
I’d actually taken an hour
to write it, tracking feel
as I go and brutal realism
but that’s not the
way I’m doing it.
So, where are we? 11.34,
it’s taken some perceptual
time to get here but
that’s nothing.
I’m jealous of people I’ve
not even spoken to for ages
because it looks like they’re
more resourceful with
these mashes of minutes on facebook.
The 11 thirties roll on
by on the year wheel
til the forties are achieved
– 45 is basically,
psychically the completion
of the hour in
the experience of the
Pleasing myself has always
been a mad struggle so
let’s show everyone a true
waste of time, the exact
quality of uncaring framework
of hours that I/you really
should be more actively
opportunistic with
– but this is all
just words that take a
little while to say
– Everyone gets surprised
that the day’s individual
hours don’t take up eternity
as soon as they each finish happening.
– You’re always being born
and dying, but wow!
– You’re alive now (I assume
if you’re reading this)
– Ghosts really exist in these
increments of minutes for
the people who’ve dug down
to the roots and swung hard
with the sharp ax of
detachment – speak to them
and let them fulfil you.
A cigarette should always leave one unsatisfied – cheers for
that oscar lad.
To the non-layabout,
they’ve put more effort
into the perception of
past 50 past which
ticks by slow for the
work-hating clock watcher
but is actually not a
long time, as wasn’t (or isn’t) the
hour really.
This is pointless and
was feeling like that
as my intention for it to be so squidged out the
end of my stylo.
So it was meant to be so,
so where does that leave

It’s all me, me, he, me schitz-so-free.

Golden tumble and
the Great black
rumble is soothed and so
slipped through for a sec.

Everything is ok but
will it be?

A regular establishment
is just for christmas and
definitely not for life.
It’s not even strife.
It’s like a slow piercing knife (well, that would be strife :S)
Every time a disgusting
filthy coin, caked
in the clammy hand
clods of the collective
crosses my competence.
It’s not really clear
why I so clearly fear it.
I’m not sure my counterparts
can bear it.
I must fare it, if for them
I don’t want simple shit beating me,
that would just be me cheating me.
So I’ll sink down to the
beat of me,
see what that’s eating me
till it feels like I am greeting me,
see if there’s elite in me,
let my bodymind speak to me,
let myself turn my cheek to me,
let gold prise and leak to me.

Baby there ain’t no victory
but don’t seem like a
geek to me.
Hmm… do I agree?
Snivel like Mr. Smee
when crocodiles fuck his ch’i
back to a version of me
whose blue eyed skies can
set me free (…?!!)
– He says let it be me,
but who ‘ s he?

The blatant&bare pretentiousness of a million being-burned bedside notes (in1place).

Vaughan Williams’
mother on being asked about “On the
origin of species”
by the boy versh of him
“The Bible says that
God made the world in six
days. Great Uncle Charles
thinks it took longer: but
we need not worry about it,
for it is equally wonder-
ful either way.”
Sunday morning
Ian Clarke
the crumb pit
louis wants to
swap my shift
for weds (17th)
(so I would be off
So I work Monday (15th)
Shame stoking, can I bliss?
The reasons that you had to kiss
All tumble now, you’re hearing hiss
And I lost track of what IS bliss
-“Power to
-Listen to
pretty much (actually)
all of
“Band of
if ya want
Cover? – “You’ve really got a hold on me”
The Speakwrights
Deep Stone
Conspiracy Theory
The Brain Belly Complex
writes a lot
of pop
If you want
a shock
– “Sugar Plums”
“Stand by me”
“Like a
shine off chrome on
black & white footage (guitar machine heads)
is dark – Har Har what the fark?!
A Black Spark pulls the
rubbery elastic membrane of phenomena (dharma)
into a tight twist and releases
to set in place a piece discerning
pleasure-ful vacillation as on a stone
disrupted pond – wanna see my wand?
You’ve been conned.
You cried, that’s my reason to tell
you this
I’ll die for a moment of sheer bliss

“The Buddha
of Suburbia”


Also by him
-“Eight line poem”
by him.
“Revolution 1”


“The Lark
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Little miss


“witch doctor”
“Sister sapphire”
les Paul.
-she loves the snowball
witch doctor
The Rasmus
In the Shadows
Oh all the things
that hide in
brow furrows

-doesn’t bare thinking
Taung Kalat
monastery in Burma
go there!!
+Paul barry
Day in
the life
Text Bach
Psych versh???
I thought the smoke
was you
The split moment in
which I blew
Out towards the door
Wanting something more
Not gonna sit & think more
Not gonna watch Happy Gilmore
Happy should be no chore
Light dance desperate
up to me separate
I’ve come to expect heaven
and the pulling of its blanket
over my self and face
I love/hate the populace
Their heads in press
Of this spherical place
Stream your consciousness
Just in case
Do it ace
Fly through space
Fly across space
Shall it be a chase?
No, when it’s love
it fits like a glove,
like one for the oven
that only a woman
would know?
How far have we goed?
£ 199.00

PSR E443

Elephant c4

Mr Victor Burtonshaw
** Green RD
L** *LE
*** 185* .

loving something is the
willingness to let it change

loving something is your
allowance to let it change you
/of letting. /to change
/allowing of it changing you^^^> you

“Astro man”
Jimi Hendrix
-Cry of Love-
(album I
My brother seems like
the kind of man who
thinks the world is happening to him
– well, it is, but it is for
me too brother, and quite intensely down
here let me add.
And you act like you’d die
happy if it was doing this.
I love you brother, I just
don’t get you, so you probably don’t
get me and all the while these things aren’t
required for phenomena to keep on
ri]pping through us – how much did we make
I’ll see you 2morow. 2day
I don’t want to be your friend if I start to
want to
be mine.
You’ll know brother when you see me turn to
carefully be wary of the distance.

The corner
of my
is God

Instant Karma
– Mr. Crowley
Rainy Day,
Dream Away
-Find out
which album
it’s on.
Hot Rod
yo-yo-ma Bach
Made up words – go!
Grumption Cruspatria
Craster Jista Splellows
Kristinglesteen Fumptiachingillian
The Sparrow in dungarees says “what up”
St. Catherine’s Mill!!!

Your perception won’t always revolve all
the way ’round things if you
are always cleansing the doors.
Don’t make it a chore
Anything can seem a bore
Don’t wanna cause no gore
Don’t wanna cause no gore

“Try not to leave your body behind
When there’s work to be done”
is a slightly instructive statement I could think of to start this piece of this masterpiece>>>>>>><<<<<<<<>>>>>><<<<<<Hmm, the slowest neuron

should find hospitality in the minutes (multimeaning maelstroms that they are!)

the clear blue can’t ever be fully

assimilated so can I use this known axis to zap

momentary panic in order to enjoy the evilest endurance?

i can rely on tools I’ve relied upon before
electric ladyland voodoo chile (not slight return)
the night i was born…

Dig in long
&Blunt your prongs
(with a?)
A belief that songs
can absolve all wrongs
I sit back and let this song mean to me what it means to me
be a connoisseur
of current cascading
corrollaries and
Cease crying

“Machine gun”
Hendricks (HUhuuaaaaahwawhahua)
You’re sixteen
You’re beautiful
& You’re mine
Ringo’s voice
whuu?uu?? ?

Courage teach
me to be shy
-“Float like a
by whom?
loverly – still a little bit of your
-Jimi Hendrix
Nine below zero(band)
-harmonica player
Passive Aggressive
The Killer of Progressive.
When you say things
that just won’t not lead to
Who are YOU stressing?
Are YOU learning your lessons?
See what will pass through
the gaps in you pressing
If it’s not much
have you tried more confessing
Mysterious thoughts
Crossing the naughts
Means just as much as a hole
in your shorts.
Take nothing and no-one to court

“Lost highway”

“Mulholland Drive”
David Lynch
crime dramas/
weird films


-First EP
Kurt Cobain’s
Branch Player
_solar panel
on his head

then some harmonica biz about sonny boy williamson and blind boy fuller “fox
chase” solo and “key to the highway” also some of Ron “Pigpen” McKernon of Grateful Dead (and some chillis),
I’ve generally bitten off more than I can chew with this, the concept was there and i’ve lost bits
and gone back re-typing bits that I’ve already thought I had typed which somehow must’ve been deleted(which was frustrating), anyway, I’m having some port and……………………..honestly I had to look at bits I’d already put in …and then had to take back out of the bin…………………………
but basically, underneath all of these scraps I’ve uncovered (in the process) far too many more scraps to
justify prattling them down on ere for too much longer for one night [two nights, yes, this has changed a number of times since being uploaded], (it’s ok though i’ve been able to tidy my room!)  i’ll possibly continue i just feel i should post this at least for some sense of completion, there is more though ….. so NOT “To Be Continued! ! !!! ” but somewhere along that avenue possibly…

Poetriotism (ahoho).

A soft sip of tea
Pangs particulars in the patriot
A split-split-second turns peripherals
Into priority
A pidgeon stood stout right on the
centre of the top of a red phone box
Hmm.. Wonder if I could get away with
wearing one of those coloured shirts,
you know the mad satin-y ones with
all those frills and curls?!

(Followed by audible bustle,
but)yeah, that’s
Outta sight man that was really outta