Monthly Archives: December 2015

Shagreen Chagrin.

Danny dipped his fingers into the
aquarium tank against the wishes of the
adjacent mdf statement about such
action – he was determined to

feel the sandpapery grey indentations that he could se-
e on th-
e back of the small slowly circling shark, he did it
last time and got a buzz.
                                 James looked up t-

o the surface to see a fingery-looking
fish flutter the
folds of water and was
“fuck it, let’s try this!” Danny
felt a holy jolt and ran away adrenally adamant – a

not-so-sane smile and a laugh twisted its way ar-
ound and
through t-
he streams of blood that now poured down over h-
is arm. Ahh happi-
ness deep and openin-
g closure…..                   Danny and James keep in touch.