(Coloured?) Vinyl.

I love it when
music becomes a
deeper and more rich
hue of whatever shade that
it always was
– it happens after deep
and prolonged listening
on which you sink into
the sweet eye-of-the-needle
unfolding out of each
(and the whole one)
present moment of
an enjoyed sound.
As a slight to the side if you will,
Hermann and
Siddhartha are there to tell you
whether or not
on such
is right,
but if you can, try not
to look at the little
dot on the line if you’re
on digital devices
because songs are always
more and more and more
than this –
if you’ve got a record on, on the other hand,
the circular movement
will give you a visual
better suited for sonic
(Pops one on)As the wave laced
plastic surges ’round and round and (around and)
past and right under and on the point of tin the
product blooms and is plumed and proved.
The I sits sunken upon
the gait of the music
through the gate witch is the moment (amongst other things)
and meanders with the
melody, curing blind
and blistered blackened alleys
and shifting shadey shades that may return
with shifted shapes.
(And) when you’re right
down there in the fibres
of whatever you and all
this are ..just smile and
One session of loved
(and lazy?) <- maybe not?
learning like this is worth
thousands of
school trajectories, it
will integrate and assuage
the haughty ineptitudes
of the latter so that
each day you can be
more and more and more than
the quivering mess
that you are.
..haha no I can't just say that at the end of a poem..ohfuckbutit'sridiculous.)


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