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What writing can be like.

I paused the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror (VII) episode right at the start whilst I got up to make a drink.
When I came back I realised that it was at the perfect frame of the cartoon in that it’s Homer accidentally lighting his hand/arm on fire whilst trying to light a jack o’lantern – his face was frozen on his own hand on fire, eyes transfixed, but with pursed and perusing lips that were wholly unassuming and unaware of the blunder as of yet. The split-second manifesting moment of the man captured and natural hilarity deftly distilled (by MG).
People laugh when they catch a friend in a similar (if a little less serious; but maybe not!) mishap caused by self-tension ruffling reality – that edged moment of transformative realisation on their face is priceless! (this blog not being to butcher and blur)
The Simpsons, however, is only real nature in the most fleeting of forms – it’s a cartoon, an expression emanating out the end of old Groening’s pen with which he tricks and tears fabrics – he knows time and timing and its most effeminate effect on the human body-soul complex. And I didn’t even like The Simpsons as a kid – it’s brilliant!
Now, regarding my rambling writings and pretentious poems, each word should, by the reader, be swung-on to get to the next and never hung-on too tightly – callousness can be a quite consciencious crowbar in the consciousness toolbox, so catch it.
Watch words, they are ever devices and are therefore never what they are.
If you want to learn to write, just clarify and wait until your mind is doing things (e.g. making certain comparisons) that you once thought were completely (and eternally?) impossible and then hold that fold of fading impossibility so that it still hangs into your perspective and force yourself to refer things to paper through the pen from this floating and pure-white platform of controlled insanity. (also be systematically seeking to see the
Drugs are not necessarily necessary – read Rimbaud repeatedly!!!
This is nothing but a code for the pure alchemy of the manifestation of real magic and so serves as an expoundment as to why people like Elton John (not even to mention MG) are massive!
They are high-priest wizard shamen sent to make sure we have a good time and fucking relax!