Little scientist lost.

It is only the scientist that wonders whether or not animals experience love and emotion in the way that humans do.

Humans are also animals – don’t forget!

The artist knows truly that a non-human being is of the highest of poets, it knows nothing of anger, fear, pregnancy and love whilst experiencing the frequencies that these labels are tied to in such raw intensity that the struggle of man is left with nothing but to pale and pale and fade into dredged banality – and the non-human will sing and sing at the very thought of these conditions.

I mean, what is the purpose of a couch?
And why do we feel close to clocks?
We live in the middle of an ever-relative quantum drama and there is no reason for it except to be its own entertainment, I don’t know about you but I ain’t gonna be holding any rulers up against That. I’m so glad I ballsed up my biomed degree!



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