Monthly Archives: September 2014

Scratching the place in carved silk.

I find it hard to accept that there won’t ever be a day where we all just don’t take any more of their f***ing soma, or at least all the necessary ones out of us. I mean, reality TV, beer, news and media, cigarettes, the “holiday”, drugs being illegal or not, bank holiday f****ng bonuses – it’s all the biggest reddest merry-go-round and as it spins all the lines of decency and solid-groundedness spurt and splash across the ash-sprinkled and mixed with blood spattered pavements of our most ancient and holy villages. We all know that there IS a gigantic human frame that doesn’t choose to sit and watch yet emits heartened blue laughter at each turn at the ends of the bars.
God is lost and jam-spread and drawn surfaces will be made to reflect the magic of yet another generation’s insanity(/inanity?).. someday
All we have to do is tell them No, you won’t distract me with your varyingly empty promises of life and togetherness and success just because I can barely tell in this long and darkened, imposter strewn corridor what that last damn thing even was/is. The vista will come and we will all dance, that is sure, and yet should we even be assessing our sureness in such a harsh land where the word “poet” doesn’t refer to bad poets? I’m just unshore anymore