We COULD be feeding the unfed.

The shrill bugle cry from the hill heralds the dawn of a new day – “that all-polluting witch of capitalist individualism is dead!” they all shriek in the rapturous, ecstatic blaze of actual communitive passion rekindled and roaring!
They ALL realised that they ALL got that sinking stomach feeling when declaring something about their separated (individual) “selves” – ‘having a conscience’ they used to call it in a meek and begging voice, “the old ego-twist-and-churn” as they know it now – whatever it is, it sure don’t feel all that REAL, man!
‘Hey I’ve got this little yacht out in the Med’ they used to say,
‘Hey I got this huge bonus and flew myself off to Bermuda at such an expense to my accounts!’ they would reply with a washed-my-hands-of-it-all chuckle – “how bloody futile and bore-inspiring!” they thought now, with all the richest relish of fresh unison, not even bothering to burn their Bahama-bound-boats, which WAS their first thought..


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