The anticipator’s streampad.

Welcome! to the twenty-first centaury – where good old freethinking Friedrich’s falling ones are (apparently) as good as any standard of living. They only fall and fall and we only jump and jump right along with them, only to be churned into a paste and left in the bottom of a tin wondering why NOTHING hatched and after some frowning maybe turning on your computer and putting a few :/’s on a few websites. Let the waters of your fretting be parted, however, by the after (or before)thought that these standards are only falling in real life – and none of you take any responsibility for that at the end of the day,
do you?
The shadow’d illusion of a vast gulf between experiencer & experience, doer & task, feeler and feel is one of the few things which does exist – so on we look in (vain?) hope toward the closing of such a chasm. And, when the very last person has heard the sweet clack of the latch and closed behind him the gated entrance of dear-old Azure re-attained & now beheld, then and only then can sunlight properly penetrate the air, illuminating, for the first time shamelessly, our past cortical deviations and loose ties in need of a tidy snip.
Honey, we’re ALL the world’s forgotten boys and girls – so let us not forget each-other!… Just go and have a dance or something and you’ll start digging what I mean. :/ :/
iggy pop

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