Art/Egot – ism.

I would think there’s probably a lot of psychic overlap between people who are said to be great egotists and people who are said to be great artists.
And, if this is true – then can egotism even be looked at in the same light? That same old green gloom of regret and shame?
I think NOT – for art is that simultaneous expression and impression of the pattern of life, the very grain of the wood in the tree of life!
(I’ve got a blue biro-scratching of a little tree in the notes at this point and wish an equivalently spirited effect could be had on this window of illusory plasmic phonetics)
Endeavor to attatch less and less to the mere explanation of this holiest of facts, however – for alone it provides little for the guts to get around. And life IS the guts.
Annotate it all if you fucking must – but just remember that the master of such annotation is your own self and there is never the reverse of that, you won’t ever answer to your own rules.

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