Record of the week.

Right, I’m slightly late with this one, so evidently “record of the week” isn’t going to be on EXACTLY the same day every week but I’ll still definitely try to get at least one up weekly. It just means that you readers might have to check back more often, or you could even introduce an element of fun into my lack of organisation and place bets on which day I’ll post the record, it’s up to you.
Anyway, this song’s one of my favourites off Bob Dylan’s seminal “The Freewheelin’…” album. I really like how his voice is in this one, you can hear all the mannerisms of an early, folk-oriented and Guthrie-obsessed Bob, but there’s an added cheekiness. Listen to the way he says “I’ve been looking all over for a girl like you, I can’t find nobody so you’ll have to do!” and you’ll know what I mean. The song is about being unlucky and desperate in love, but that little touch of tongue-in-cheek over the top of the brisk blues guitar gives it the overall tone of an upbeat, lighthearted and genuinely funny little song.

Here it is for your enjoyment, Bob Dylan with “Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance”:

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