A cloud outside.

                                One grey cloud, amongst the white,
                                   Drifting slowly ‘neath the night,
                                       An unrequited lust to rain
                           Spins vapours in my whisp’d cloud brain,
                                  Not pure enough to be the same,
                                  No justice in my rain-cloud name,
                                    One lost cloud amidst the sky,
                                    Not quite wet and neither dry

                                  Yet in waking hours, I’m cast pink
                                 By rich red rays shot from the brink,
                                And as they bathe and make me clear
                                   My pain collects and rain appears,
                                   And falling from myself like tears,
                                 The pain falls too, joyflow for years
                                        Dissolving in the open sea,
                                          My basking fate, infinity



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