Opening sentiments.

I want this to be a sort of written record of the ecstatically transportative harmony between the soul and art, with a particular focus on the often overlapping aesthetics of music and written word.
I think sometimes that the importance of that subtle, spiritual comfort we can draw from consuming and creating these forms of expression, be it poem or prose, rhythm or rhyme, song or sound, can be easily overlooked and so this page will exist for me to openly publish my own ideas and possibly to review other artists’ work (past and present), in an attempt to develop my connection to these arts and to emancipate my own creativity from such shackles as self-judgement and apathy (every poet’s worst enemies!). I don’t want to define it too much at this stage however, I feel I would only be limiting myself from the aforementioned creative liberty.
The page is also open for the sharing of ideas as well so if there are any comments that you as a reader might want to make, they’ll be read and much appreciated.
I’m off now but am eager to get back very soon so that the page’s first scraps and poems can begin to gather with the swift clarity of the freshest four-in-the-morning dew. Until I post again, adieu.

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